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The Hercules Adaptive Series smartphone and tablet holders are some of the most adjustable and robust device holders on the market. Simplistic, secure, and convenient, they can attach to various surfaces such as a table edge, round or square tube for hands-free ability to engage in your favorite recreational activities, tasks, and hobbies. These models all include Hercules’ signature groundbreaking design elements such as 360° rotation, the TightVice™ locking mechanism, wider support range to accommodate a variety of devices and accessories, and flexibility to mount on multiple surfaces.

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More About The Hercules Adaptive Series Device Holders

The Hercules DG207B Smartphone Holder is the most adaptive smartphone holder for your home or studio. The TightVice™ locking mechanism ensures your phone is safely locked in the place. The clamp can attach to a wide range of surfaces, including desks, round and square tubes such as keyboard stands, microphone stands, or music stands, and a camera light and tripod.
Similar to the Hercules DG207B Smartphone Holder, the Hercules DG307B 2-In-1 Tablet & Phone Holder also features the TightVice™ locking mechanism to ensure your device is safely locked in place. This 2-In-1 holder is compatible with phones and tablets ranging in sizes from 6.1″-13″ and can attach to a desk, round or square tubes – keyboard stands, microphone, or music stands – providing the most adaptive 2-in-1 solution for your home or studio.