New Pro Series Mic Stands And Adaptive Multi-Mount From Hercules

Empowering Musicians with Innovative Solutions

MT JULIET, TN, AUGUST 1, 2023…Hercules Stands, a leading provider of high-quality musical accessories, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Pro Series Microphone Stands and Adaptive Series Multi-Mount. These innovative products are designed to enhance microphone placement for musicians, offering convenience and versatility.

The three new Pro Series models offer unparalleled control over microphone placement, resulting in optimized space utilization and a clutter-free setup.

The MS120BPRO Low Profile Round Base Microphone Stand features a larger base to support even the heaviest microphones. The design ensures unwavering stability and durability. The MS520BPRO Low Profile Tripod Microphone Stand presents a sleek and unobtrusive solution for drum and amplifier mic positioning. The MS523BPRO 2-in-1 Hideaway Boom Stand is the ultimate in versatility, with the ability to convert easily from a boom stand to a straight stand, depending on desired application.

All Hercules Pro Series models feature the Power Lock Lever, allowing for precise and stable boom angle placement, and the Streamlined Telescopic Boom which customizes boom arm length to eliminate obstruction of other equipment and cluttered performance spaces.

The Pro Series Microphone Stands

Adaptive Series Multi-Mount Microphone and Device Holder

The new DG137B Adaptive Series Multi-Mount Microphone and Device Holder brings musicians enhanced flexibility and convenience. Drummers in particular will find this model highly advantageous as it eliminates the need for a traditional mic stand.

Versatile and discreet placement can be achieved without attachment to the drum hoop, which can adversely impact the sustain of the drum.

  • 360-Degree Ball-Joint Angle Adjustment: Allows for precise microphone placement, ensuring optimal sound capture.
  • Versatile Clamp Design: The one-piece clamp securely fits over round or square tubes, providing a stable connection to existing stands.
  • Multi-Purpose Usage: Ideal for miking drums, acoustic/electric instruments, and even mounting smaller cameras for streaming by adding a camera thread adaptor.

Hercules Stands is excited to present these groundbreaking solutions, empowering musicians to take control of their microphone placement and streamline their performances.